Equipment recommandation

Do I have to download a VRtuoz app?

Yes you can download the app through your account

Do I need a VR headset to access your platform?

If you want to have a full immersive experience of our platorm you need a VR headset.
However if you don't have one (for now) you can access to the platform on a screen.

Do I need a specific internet connection?

For a better experience we recomend to have fiber internet or a strong 5G hotspot.

About the experience

Do I need to create an account?

Yes you need to create your account on our website in order to experience our platform.

Do I have my own avatar?

Yes you can choose one of our avatar when you create your account.

Can I chat with other people on the platform?

Yes, VRtuoz aims to offer a social experience. 

Where can I watch the show?

You have to go in your lodge to experience de VR show.

Do I need a ticket to watch a show?

Yes your must buy your ticket on our website.

Can I go on the platform even if I don't have a ticket?

Yes your can wander around the VRtuoz platform when you are a member of the community.